Sakkara Clothing & Costume (SCC) was founded in 2010 by designer and clothier Kim Sakkara. Her focus was custom clothing and costume pieces for belly dancers around the world. In 2014, as interest and demand increased, Sakkara started producing a readymade line of femme dance wear that could be easily dressed up or down--think layers, ultra-soft fabrics, and flattering cuts. Since its introduction, her thoughtful offerings of inclusive sizing, custom options, and eco-friendly fabrics were an instant success. 

Sakkara sources the highest quality fabrics, like long-lasting bamboo and organic cotton. These fabrics are soft, stretchy, and conform to the body with absolute comfort in any situation. It is an important element carried over from years of designing dance wear and being constantly inspired by the badass femmes of the Pacific Northwest. 

Reclaimed fabrics are also utilized as a method of keeping beautiful, still usable things out of our landfills. T-shirt graphics become pockets, raw strips become trim, and odd shaped pieces become patches. What isn’t used after this process gets recycled in turn. 

The commitment to sustainability also shows in the choice to keep production in the USA. Every design is made here and tested thoroughly before being introduced. Sakkara embraces the essence of slow fashion by frequently improving and building upon each design, whether it's the original cinch pant or the ever-popular hooded bolero. 

Sakkara Clothing is built to last, with love.