Looking Back at the Sakkara Skirt

One great thing about having been in this business for a while is sometimes customers send us pictures of “vintage” Sakkara. Recently we were reminded of our first skirt design, thanks to Lisa who found it while cleaning out her dance closet.

The Sakkara Skirt

Since this was the very first skirt design sold under Kim’s old label Kim Sakkara Clothing, she named it simply the “Sakkara Skirt”. This cute, versatile cinch skirt added some nice variety to a line that had previously focused on pants and custom work.  

The original Kim Sakkara label.

 When it debuted at Rakkasah West in 2007, it was available in copper, plum, brick-red, and black. Kim sold a ridiculous amount at that first show, which really felt like a “making it” moment.

The Sakkara Skirt was incredibly popular for several years for obvious reasons. Many dancers like a little extra layer over their leggings (and this one really hugs the curves!) Plus, the adjustable ties meant you could ruche it to the right length for your legs.

Over time, mermaid blue and sparkly camel joined the color selection. For a time Silk Road Tribal carried them, which helped them get on to even more dancers’ booties. Some famous fans of the skirt were Bevin Victoria and Gypsy Caravan.

Kim modeling The Sakkara Skirt back in the day.

Whatever Happened to the Sakkara Skirt?

As is often the case with popular designs, other designers came up with their own variation on the gathered tube skirt. Eventually the market was saturated with this and other cinch-y designs, so we’ve actively been moving away from them to explore in new directions. 

It makes us happy to know that over ten years later, these skirts are still being worn in classrooms around the country. With the trend towards patterned leggings, a solid-colored accent skirt like this definitely makes a great accent to your outfit. To that end we’ve now got an adorable velvet ruffle mini skirt that was a big hit at shows in 2017 and will be on the website in the near future.

Sadly, these being the pre-smart phone days, we weren’t able to scare up many pictures of the Sakkara Skirt in the wild. But if you have pics of yourself rocking one, we’d love it if you’d drop by the new Sakkara Clothing & Costume Facebook Group to share it…especially if you’ve still got yours!

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