5 Reasons Why We Love Bamboo Fabric

You may have noticed that most of our garments are made with a blend of organic cotton and bamboo. The reason for the organic cotton is probably obvious (I mean, it’s the fabric of our lives…wait, is the author dating herself here?), but why bamboo?

We’re glad you asked! Let us tell you five reasons why we love bamboo fabric.

1. Bamboo is a hardy plant. If you’ve ever had bamboo in your yard, you know how persistent it is. Whether you tend to it or not, it just keeps growing. Not only does bamboo grow fast, but it’s drought-resistant and needs little to no fertilizer or pesticide. The qualities that make it a low-maintenance addition to your garden also make it a sustainable crop. Eartheasy has some great information about the environmental benefits of bamboo. For instance, did you know that bamboo forests are so dense, they return 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere than trees? Cool!

2. It has moisture-wicking properties. You’ll find bamboo in a lot of eco-friendly active wear because its unique structure breathes and keeps you from getting sticky. This also tends to make it feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, allowing you to wear your favorite yoga pants in comfort year-round. 

 3. Bamboo is anti-microbial. This is another great property for active wear, as it will keep your clothes smelling fresher longer. That’s why bamboo is especially popular for socks!

4. It’s just so soft. Bamboo lends a lot of silkiness to the cotton blend fabrics it’s added to. You may just find that you want to wear your Sakkara items all day every day; the fabric feels that nice. When we started making pants, only 100% cotton was available. It was the best we could get at the time, but cotton pills and tears faster and is not as soft. Bamboo is amazing because it essentially fixed all of those issues.

5. Finally, because it’s a natural fiber, bamboo is biodegradable. We’re dedicated to sustainable fashion here. We make every garment to withstand years of wear, but nothing lasts forever.  When your favorite pants finally go to the great laundry basket in the sky, they won’t leave behind a synthetic mess in the landfill.

Now do you understand why bamboo is so popular for slow fashion designers? It’s one of our favorite materials to work with and we look forward to producing ethical active wear from it for years to come.

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